• What formats and sizes is Sta-soft® available in?

    Sta-Soft® is available in the following formats & sizes:

    • Regular 2 litre bottle
    • 500ml Smart Pack
    • 750ml Concentrate
    • 500ml Dilutable Refill
  • What is a Sta-Soft® 2 Litre?

    A Sta-Soft® 2 litre is a 2L bottle of Sta-Soft® fabric conditioner that can be added to your washing process to make your clothes unbeatably soft and burst with fresh fragrance.

  • What is a Sta-Soft® Dilutable Refill?

    A Sta-Soft® refill is a 500ml concentrated refill pack for the Sta-Soft® 2 litre bottle. The refill must be diluted with water to make 2 litres of Sta-Soft® fabric conditioner.

  • What is Sta-Soft® Concentrate?

    Sta-Soft® Concentrate is a concentrated 750ml bottle of fabric conditioner. This concentrate is a ready to use formula that can be added to your washing process to make your clothes irresistibly soft and burst with fresh fragrance.

  • What is a Smart Pack?

    Sta-Soft® Smart Pack is a 500ml pack of regular Sta-Soft® fabric conditioner. It is an affordable pack. The Sta-Soft® Smart Pack fabric conditioner is a ready to use formula that can be added to your washing process to make your clothes irresistibly soft and burst with fresh fragrance.

  • Which Sta-Soft® products must I dilute?

    The ONLY Sta-Soft® product that needs to be diluted before use is the Sta-Soft® 500ml refill.

  • What is the difference between a fabric conditioner and a fabric softener?

    Traditionally we called Sta-Soft® a fabric softener, but it does much more than just soften. Sta-Soft® makes clothes irresistibly soft, smell fresher for longer and makes them easier to iron. Therefore, it seems more accurate to call Sta-Soft® a fabric conditioner to better describe the benefits it offers to you and your clothes

  • What fragrances are offered by Sta-Soft®?

    Sta-Soft® has a number of fragrances available these are listed below.


    Regular & Refill Range:

    • Lavender
    • Spring Fresh
    • Baby
    • Aloe
    • Summer Radiance
    • Lily of the Valley
    • Floral Fantasy
    • Peach & Sweet Almond

    Aromatherapy Range:

    • Passion
    • Relax
    • Energy

    Concentrate Range:

    • Gentle Touch
    • Fresh Caress
    • Rose Kiss
    • Sunshine Embrace

    Smart Pack Range:

    • Lavender
    • Spring Fresh
    • Baby
    • Passion
    • Relax
  • Do fabric conditioners cause stains?

    There is a small risk of staining when using fabric conditioner. This increases if the product is poured directly onto fabric. To help prevent staining, avoid pouring fabric conditioner directly on your clothes, follow the directions on pack.

  • Are fabric conditioners bad for my washing machine?

    Provided both washing machine usage and fabric conditioner dosage instructions are followed, fabric conditioners can be successfully used in most washing machines. To ensure the fabric conditioner dispenses during the correct rinse cycle, make sure you add it to the appropriate dispenser drawer. If you are using a top loader ensure you add it to the final rinse.


    It is also recommended that you regularly place your washing machine on a cleaning cycle and cleaning any detergent or fabric conditioner build up from dispenser drawers this will help you achieve the best wash possible from your machine.

  • Does using a fabric conditioner damage any elastic in my clothes?

    Fabric Softener should not cause any damage to the elastic in your clothes. Washing your clothes on a high heat is what causes the stretch in the elastic to break up, so keep heat to a minimum to maintain the stretch factor.

  • Does using a fabric conditioner make my towels lose their absorbency?

    Because fabric softeners coat the clothing with an oil or wax like substance to make it feel softer, it has been shown that this reduces the absorbency of the fabric but only minimally.


    This can be a problem for items such as dish cloths and towels, which are designed to absorb water and other liquid spills or splashes. You will need to decide if the trade-off of soft scented towels is worth the minimal loss of some absorbency.