Sta-soft Aromatherapy Passion
Sta-soft Aromatherapy Passion 2L
Sta-soft Aromatherapy Passion Refill
Sta-Soft Passion Doypack 800ml

Sta-soft® Aromatherapy Passion 2L

Sta-Soft Aromatherapy Passion with 50% more fragrance* will make your soul sing, while also ensuring your clothes are beautifully soft and look newer for longer. Immerse your senses with this  intense, luxurious scent whilst also providing your clothes with a longer- lasting fragrance and irresistible freshness**.

*vs. Sta-soft without encapsulated fragrance 

**vs. Sta-soft Baby without encapsulated fragrance

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  • Benefits

    • Awakens your senses with essential oil fragrances
    • Contains Touch Release Technology with microcapsules for a longer lasting fragrance*
    • Unbeatable Softness
    • Makes ironing Easy and Pleasant
    • Clothes look newer for longer
    • Clothes will be static free

    *vs Sta-soft without encapsulated fragrance

  • Available Sizes

    • Regular 2L Bottle
    • 500ml Dilutable Refill (Makes 2L)
    • 800ml Ready-to-use pack