Sta-Soft Spring Fresh
Sta-Soft Spring Fresh 2L
Sta-Soft Spring Fresh Refill
Sta-Soft® Spring Fresh Doypack 500ml

Sta-soft® Spring Fresh 2L

Sta-soft Spring Fresh makes everyday feel like a clean, crisp Spring day by adding extraordinary bursts of floral freshness to your wash. The NEW and Improved formulation has a stronger and longer lastingfloral  fragrance* that  will leave your clothes smelling beautifully fresh and incredibly soft all day.

*vs Sta-Soft® without encapsulated fragrance

  • Benefits

    • Contains Touch Release Technology with microcapsules for a longer lasting fragrance*
    • Unbeatable Softness
    • Makes ironing Easy and Pleasant
    • Clothes look newer for longer
    • Clothes will be static free

    *vs Sta-soft without encapsulated fragrance

  • Available Sizes

    • Regular 2L Bottle
    • 500ml Dilutable Refill (Makes 2L)
    • 500ml Ready-to-use pack
  • Reviews

    What customers are saying about the New Sta-soft Spring Fresh

    • Taemarais, Durban: I enjoyed the scent, fresh and light. Especially on my linen. I found myself using it on my toddler's teddy bears and his room smells good.
    • Spgorekwang, Potchefstroom: The most fantastic fabric softner I've come across, it leaves clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh. From now on I would only be using #thenewandimprovedStay'Softfabricsoftner I'm totally in love with it.
    • Mafokoora, Johannesburg: Its a favourite from when I was a child. The smell is still that one that reminds me of my grandmother washing on a Saturday and everything always smelling fresh and like a spring day. I still love it even now..
    • Silungile, Johannesburg: I loved this new Sta soft, it has such an amazing, long lasting fragrance. My clothes came out softer and smelling good, especially my baby's blankets.
    • Danielle, Roodepoort: The new and improved StaSoft is the best thing for, not only our clothes but bedding too. It makes my mink blankets so soft that its a pleasure to snuggle with. It also has a long lasting fragrance which I love because my babies blankets smell so fresh and clean until the next wash day.