Sta-Soft Ultra Concentrate Lavender Dream 1L
Sta-Soft Ultra Concentrate Lavender Dream 1L
4x more fragrance long lasting freshness
4x more concentrated
20 washes
ready to use
stasoft Lavender Dream 500ml

Sta-soft® Ultra Concentrate, Lavender Dream, Fabric Conditioner, 1L

New Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Lavender Dream has a superior formulation and intense fragrance for long-lasting freshness. Immerse you and your family in the calming scents of wild lavender, blended with creamy vanilla notes that add a divinely dreamy fragrance to every wash.

  1. It is 4X more* concentrated -  One small cap is all you need
  2. It is ready to use - No need to dilute it
  3. 4X more* fragrance for long-lasting** freshness
  4. One bottle gives you 40 washes
  5. Uses 40% less plastic*** - Better for the environment

*vs regular Sta-soft
**vs Sta-soft without encapsulated fragrance
***Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate 1L vs regular Sta-soft


Zola Mcaciso’s Family Loves the New Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate. See Why.

  • Benefits

    • 4X more* concentrated
    • 4X more* fragrance
    • Long lasting** fragrance capsules
    • Long lasting** freshness
    • 40 washes
    • Ready to use
    • Clothes look newer for longer
    • Unbeatable softness
  • Available Sizes

    • 500ml
    • 1L