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Tips for washing your baby’s clothes

Sta-Soft Baby Hypo-allergenic
Sta-Soft Baby ultra concentrate

As a mother, caring for your baby’s delicate skin is one of your biggest concerns, which is why Sta-soft Baby and Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Sensitive are the right choices for you. These fabric softeners are hypoallergenic and are specially formulated for your little one’s precious skin and clothes, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Deciding which baby washing liquid or fabric softener to use for your baby’s clothing can be difficult. When looking, it is important to take note of the ingredients used and any allergens found in the laundry products.

Sta-soft Baby and Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Sensitive are gentle enough to use on your baby's skin, with no hidden ingredients or allergens. They are hypoallergenic fabric softeners that are specially formulated for sensitive skin, making them suitable for you, and your little one. Gentle and soothing, Sta-soft Baby and Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Sensitive offer unbeatable softness while leaving your baby’s clothing feeling beautifully fresh and soft, wash after wash.

Tips for washing your little one’s clothes:

  1. Use a washing liquid and fabric softener that are specially formulated for sensitive skin, such as Sta-soft Baby and Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Sensitive - which are hypoallergenic and gentle for delicate or sensitive skin.
  2. Bleach can sometimes cause skin rashes/irritation and is therefore not recommended for your baby's clothes, or sensitive skin.
  3. Wash your baby’s clothing separately
  4. Wash new baby clothes first to remove any potential finishes on the fabric that may irritate your little one’s delicate skin
  5. Follow the washing instructions on the back of pack. Check that the correct amount of fabric softener, temperature and cycle on your washing machine is being used for the type of fabric that is being washed

Your baby’s delicate skin deserves only the gentlest touch. Wash your little one’s clothes with Sta-soft Baby or Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Sensitive and enjoy the hypoallergenic and specially formulated benefits carefully designed with your baby’s delicate skin in mind.