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Everything You Need to Know About Fabric softener

Everyone wants clean clothes that smell amazing, feel fresh and soft all day long, and that make us look and feel great. But, how do we ensure all of this? The solution is to use fabric softener.

  • What Is Fabric softener and What Is It Used For?

    Fabric softener is a laundry product that is designed to keep your clothes soft and your towels fluffy. Fabric softener is also known as fabric conditioner. Product packs will use either Fabric softener or fabric conditioner. However, these are 2 descriptions for the same product. 

    It works by coating the fibers of fabric and causing them to fluff up and become softer.

    Fabric softener also reduces friction, which makes fabric feel smoother and less harsh against the skin. Products like  Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Sensitive, is especially helpful for people with sensitive skin.

  • Why Do You Need Fabric softener?

    Fabric softener doesn't just make your clothes feel softer and fresher for longer, it can also reduce wrinkles, which can be damaging to certain fabrics.

    It also protects fabric fibers, reducing wear and tear and ensuring your clothes, towels, and linens last for much longer. 

    Plus, for an all-day fragrance boost, fabric softener is the ideal solution. For laundry that whisks you away to a relaxing place, try adding Sta-soft Lavender Fresh to your next wash.

  • Can You Use Fabric Softener and Detergents Together?

    Yes, you can! In fact, using fabric softener with your laundry detergent is the best way to get laundry that is cleaner, fresher, and smells great.

    Laundry detergents remove dirt, stains, and odors from fabric, while fabric softener makes your fabrics softer and more comfortable.

    The best way to use fabric softener with your laundry detergent is to follow the package instructions.

  • How To Use Fabric Softener With a Washing Machine

    This is a quick, simple process, depending on the type of washing machine you have.

    When using fabric softener with a top loading washing machine:

    • If you have a detergent compartment, pour your fabric softener into this compartment at the start of the washing cycle. Otherwise, pour one cap into the machine tub when it reaches the last rinse cycle.

    When using fabric softener with a front-loading washing machine:

    • Fabric softener can be poured into the detergent compartment with your laundry detergent, before you start your wash. Always follow the measurements on the package for the right detergent-to-conditioner ratio.

    Remember, just one cap of Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate added to your detergent gives you four times more fragrance.

  • How To Use Fabric Softener When Handwashing

    You can easily use fabric softener when handwashing and still get great results!

    After you have handwashed your clothes, add a capful of fabric softener to a clean tub full of water and leave your clothes to soak for about 20 minutes.

    Remember to move the fabric gently to distribute the fabric softener evenly. After 20 minutes are up, rinse your clothes thoroughly and dry as usual.

    Try Sta-soft Spring Fresh for crisp, clean results in your next handwash.

  • Should I Use Hot or Cold Water When Washing?

    Using hot or cold water when washing clothes really depends on the type of fabric you will be washing.

    Cold water is best suited to everyday laundry, and can be especially effective on stains. Cold water is also less likely to cause colours to run or to cause lint balls to gather on fabrics.

    Warm water is best used for whites, as it can help to retain their brightness and crispness. Towels and bedsheets do well in warm water, but be sure to read the labels, as some fabrics can shrink in warmer water, such as wool, linen, cotton or silk.

    Hot water is better saved for heavily soiled items and synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics will shrink in hot water, because they are not as strong as synthetic fibers.

  • Different Types of Fabric softeners

    There are two different types of fabric softener: dilute and concentrated.

    Dilute fabric softeners will need to be diluted before use, so make sure you read the packaging for these measurements. 

    The recommended amount of dilute fabric softener is enough to give you soft, fresh laundry. 

    Concentrated fabric softeners, like Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate, are more powerful and need less product to achieve the same results. They also do not need to be diluted before use.

    Plus, Ultra Concentrate is ready to use – just one cap is enough!

  • Benefits Of Using Fabric softener in Your Washing

    Fabric softener is a versatile and useful addition to any laundry routine.

    Your fabric is protected from friction, keeping everything smooth and wrinkle-free – so you save time on ironing.

    Plus, you can find specific fabric softeners for your needs – like sensitive skin, babies, and even for those days when you want to indulge your senses.

    So, add Sta-soft to your washing today, for clothes that feel soft as a mother’s love, all day long.

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