Laundry Tips for Business, School, and Formal Attire

Girl wearing a formal dress

What works for washing Dad’s work shirts may not work so well for Tommy’s school uniform trousers... or for your silk cocktail dress.

Let’s take a look at some useful laundry tips for these different types of attire, and how fabric softener can make washing them a breeze.

  • School Uniform Laundry Tips

    Always turn school uniforms inside out before washing them, especially shirts. This prolongs their shelf-life and prevents the embroidered school logos from fading or coming apart in the washing machine.

    Try to wash sweaty school clothes or sportswear in a separate cold-water wash, and use a capful of Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Sensitive fabric softener for a gentle, fresh scent.

    Avoid using bleach for stains, as this can cause whites to become yellow and synthetic fabric to tear. Rather soak the stained area for 10 minutes in a paste of laundry detergent and water, then wash as normal.

  • Work Attire Laundry Tips

    Remember to always search your pockets before putting work shirts, trousers or skirts into the washing machine, to avoid damaging your clothes and the machine itself.

    Sort your work attire by type of fabric, so you can choose the correct washing settings

    To keep your darks dark, turn the clothing inside out before washing. To keep your white shirts crisp, avoid using chlorine bleach and separate them from coloured garments.

    Wash your work attire with cold water to avoid stretching the fabric, and add Sta-soft Lavender Fresh fabric softener to your next load, for a calming scent all day long.

  • Formal Function Attire Laundry Tips

    Make sure to read the label of your formal attire, as it may need professional dry cleaning, rather than being washed at home.

    Avoid crumpling silk, satin, or other sheer fabrics. Hang these fabrics up before washing them to avoid permanent damage.

    Treat stains as soon as you can, either by pre-treating them with laundry detergent or by following the usual rules of stain removal for the fabric type.

    Wash all dresses and trousers with the zippers closed, to avoid snagging on other formal clothes in the wash. 

    For an enchanting fragrance at your next event, add a capful of Sta-soft Aromatherapy Indulgence fabric softener to your washing.

  • Do’s & Don'ts of Doing Laundry

    Some simple laundry tips can help to ensure your business attire, school clothes, and formal wear are always fresh and looking great:

    • Do check labels for the correct temperature, setting, and detergent type.

    • Do separate your laundry into four piles before washing: whites, lights, darks, and delicates.

    • Don't combine fabrics that use different washing settings in one load, as this can damage the garments.

    • Do measure your laundry detergent and fabric softener, to avoid leaving residue on your clothes.

    • Do turn delicate items inside out to protect them from wear and tear.

    • Don't overload your washing machine, because your clothes need to circulate to be cleaned.

    • Do test dark colours before washing them, by putting drops of water onto the dark area to see if the colours run.

    • Don’t wash fluffy items with normal items, as the fluff may stick to other fabrics, which can be difficult to remove.

  • Best Fragrances to Match the Different Attires

    We have put together some fun fragrance ideas for your next load of washing:

    • Best fragrances for school uniforms: To help your children smell fresh and clean throughout the school day, Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Sensitive is the perfect choice for a light, fresh scent. Sta-soft Spring Fresh is another ideal option for comforting floral fragrance that lasts all day long.

    • Best fragrances for business or work attire: The work day can be stressful, so a calming fragrance like Sta-soft Lavender Fresh fabric softener can help you de-stress at your desk. For those important client meetings, Sta-soft Aromatherapy Dream is a more mature, floral scent.

    • Best fragrances for formal wear: You want to look – and smell – your best for a formal occasion, so Sta-soft Aromatherapy Indulgence fabric softener is the perfect choice for a rich, sensory experience. For day-time formal events, Sta-soft Floral Fantasy provides an uplifting, floral scent to complement your outfit.

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