Our Laundry Tips



  • Different types of garments require different care!

    Each type of apparel requires different care. Home apparel, dress apparel, baby apparel ... should not only be maintained according to fabric and colour, but for its use. We provide you with very useful tips to preserve your apparel longer!

  • Washing Delicates

    1. The most important thing is that you use a mild detergent meant for garments.
    2. If you are washing fine fabrics such as linen and crochet or embroideries, wash them separately in laundry bags designed for these.
    3. Before washing, empty pockets, close zippers (they damage other items in the load of laundry when open), lace buttons and ribbons, pockets inside out, raise collars, and sew anything torn.
    4. Use cold water to wash your delicates. Hot water may discolor or damage your fabrics.
    5. You can wash delicates in the washing machine by using cold water and a gentle cycle setting. Avoid wringing.
    6. Remove the water from these garments by hand, without wringing or twisting.
    7. If ironing is necessary, patterned garments should be ironed inside out.
    8. Embroidered garments should be ironed inside out to highlight its design.
    9. Use Sta-soft Complete to give your clothes an irrestible freshness and protect their colour, making them look bright and new for longer
  • Washing Baby Clothes

    General Tips:

    1. Baby clothes should be loose, comfortable, and easy to put on and remove. It is advisable that they be open at the chest or back, and without any lace or excessive decorations that could pose a risk to your baby’s safety.
    2. Ideally, baby clothes should be made from natural fabrics, preferably cotton. Avoid synthetic fabrics, wool or lint producing cloths.


    1. A newborn's clothing should be washed separately from that of other family members with a neutral, soft and specialized detergent.
    2. You should not use bleach on your baby's clothes.
    3. Use Sta soft Baby Fabric Conditioner which is Hypo-allergenic and for your baby's delicate skin.


    Washing Sheets and Towels

    Useful tips for your linens and towels:

    1. It is very important to keep the towels and bed sheets clean and dry, because proper hygiene keeps our families healthy & safe.
    2. Linens and towels should be regularly washed.


    1. If using a dryer, avoid over drying, as it will lead to wrinkling.
    2. When the dryer cycle ends, take out linens immediately, iron manually and fold. Using Sta-Soft® fabric conditioner will make ironing easier.
    3. If you want to give your bed a perfect finish while making it, iron just the top of your sheets.