Sta-Soft Lavender Fresh Doypack 800ml
Sta-Soft Lavender Fresh 2L
Sta-Soft Lavender Fresh Refill
Sta-Soft Lavender Fresh Doypack 800ml
Sta-Soft Lavender Fresh Doypack 500ml

Sta-soft® Lavender Fresh Value Pack 800ml

What could be more relaxing than nature's own aroma? Sta-soft Lavender Fresh contains a delicate and unique South African blend of calming herbal notes with nostalgic fields of Lavender. With its NEW & Improved formulation, Sta-soft Lavender Fresh provides a stronger and longer lasting fragrance* while adding an incredible softness to your clothing, that you and your family will love.

*vs Sta-Soft® without encapsulated fragrance

  • Benefits

    • Contains Touch Release Technology with microcapsules for a longer lasting fragrance*
    • Unbeatable Softness
    • Makes ironing Easy and Pleasant
    • Clothes look newer for longer
    • Clothes will be static free

    *vs Sta-soft without encapsulated fragrance

  • Available Sizes

    • Regular 2L Bottle
    • 500ml Dilutable Refill (Makes 2L)
    • 800ml Ready-to-use pack
    • 500ml Ready-to-use pack
  • Reviews

    What customers are saying about the New Sta-soft Lavender

    • Thabitau, Pretoria: Thee best brand in fabric softeners for best smelling, softest, clothes and fabrics. Doubles as an amazing cupboard freshener as well. Just put a few bottles in your cupboards for that wonderful sta-soft aroma throughout your home. My absolute favourite!
    • Albertina, Polokwane: I have been using sta-soft for more years and it never Disappoint. I've tried all of them and finally realized that Lavender is mine and my family's favorite. The clothes becomes soft and smells nice. We even put it in our Drawers and wardrobes for everlasting Fragrance on clothes. Plus it's affordable
    • Sandashna, Chatsworth: Amazing.makes my clothes feel like new. The scent lasts on clothing for the entire day. love it.
    • Deborah, Cape Town: The New and Improved sta-soft is definitely a must buy, makes clothes and bedding smell amazing